Industrial Lubrication
Systems Automation

Design, development, installation, and maintenance of industrial lubrication automated systems focused on productivity improvement and machinery and equipment reliability.

Our Lubrication Engineering Department has a long record and knowledge of developing customized centralized automated lubrication systems to obtain maximum reliability and technical and financial performance on machinery and equipment.

We design lubrication systems for individual machines or whole plants. These are automated lubrication systems that allow a correct and precise repositioning of lubricants minimizing friction and wear and optimizing the lifespan of bearings and machinery and offering greater control of grease and lubricant consumption, and improving operators’ security.

Centralized Lubrication Automated Systems
Customized solutions for every need.

- Multi-point and single point automated lubricators

Our strong reliable systems are specially designed for lubrication points of difficult access on which there is frequent lubrication demand taking time and labor thus improving employee security, machine reliability, and maintenance operations optimization.


- Oil and air lubrication systems.

Ideal for bearings, gears, sliders, mounting, and greasing during machining. They have greater operational safety due to the continuous supply of well-defined levels of lubricants. We adapt dosages to all the needs of every lubrication point with 90% less consumption in comparison with oil lubrication. Less lubricant to improve safety and protect the environment.


- Double-line lubrication systems

Reliable systems for hard grease and long distances to the pumping unit: 100 meters or more. Great flexibility to adjust the dosage and simple design. We can reliably supply to more than 1,000 lubrication points on large or medium-sized machines, or production lines with many lubrication points, long lines, and difficult operating conditions.


- Single-line lubrication systems

Designed for oil, semi-fluid grease, and hard grease, to be applied on small and medium-sized machines.


- Multi-line lubrication systems

Lubricant supply system to the lubrication points without divider valves of additional dosages. The lubrication points have their pumping element. The design system is simple, precise, and very reliable.


- Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) systems

Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) system to the active point between the tools and the workpiece. Lubrication with small oil drops thinly dispersed over air current. Used for milling, lamination, cutting, perforation, and other applications.


- Air lubrication systems

Lubrication and cooling system for bearings undergoing great efforts in the different types and sizes of machinery, with high efficiency for eliminating dirt, water, and air particles.


- Progressive lubrication systems

For oil, semi-fluid grease, and hard grease.
Designed for small and medium-sized machines, typically installed in the printing industry, construction machinery, industrial press, and wind turbines. They supply grease or oil to a maximum of 150 lubrication points, together with the parallel flow limiters. They can supply oil to 1,000 lubrication points or even more.