New and In-Use Industrial Oil
Analysis, Dehydration, and Filtration

Our services of analysis, dehydration and filtration of new and in-use industrial oil are focused on keeping the water and particle contamination levels below the ISO standards levels required by the machinery and general equipment manufacturers.

Water and other particle contamination in lubricating, hydraulic, and dielectric oils, seriously affect their performance and endangers equipment reliability. Contaminants promote corrosion and wear of fluid system components reducing their lifespan and increasing maintenance costs.

At OHP Oleohidráulica S.A., we apply comprehensive solutions with cutting-edge technology to detect and remove water or other particles from oils, leaving them in excellent conditions for reuse and drastically reducing consumption and their negative impact on the environment.

Oil Analysis
We have a Lubrication Engineering Department that carries out oil analysis processes and an exhaustive interpretation according to ASTM standards where not only do they identify the potential contaminants, but also they can carry out early detection of problems and failure identification on equipment in many situations, in a more effective way than other predictive techniques like vibration studies, ultrasound, and thermal variation, among others.

Dehydration and Filtration
We offer vacuum dehydration solutions for the industry. This is one of the most effective methods for free and dissolved water elimination, also eliminating free, entrained, and dissolved gases by vacuum distillation. To achieve full purification, high-performance multi-phase micron filter elements are used to remove particles starting at 1 micron with a 99% of efficiency.

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