Flushing and Chemical Cleaning of
Oil Hydraulic Systems for the Industry.

We are a leading and cutting-edge company on chemical cleaning and pre-operational flushing, set-up, and preventive maintenance of equipment for all industries.

We specialize in driver circuits cleaning for lubricating, hydraulic oils, heat exchangers, gas and turbine transportation with chemical processing to eliminate all kinds of contamination, deposits, incrustation, and/or compounds altering the normal operation of equipment, using recirculation of chemical solutions previously formulated depending on the material to be cleaned on the equipment, and the chemical and solubility characteristics of the deposits in each case.

We have a very well-equipped laboratory to formulate chemical solutions for each situation with strict control of all critical variables.

We apply specific procedures for each situation on pre-operational tasks for equipment and on preventive and corrective industrial maintenance programs in which we perform temperature, pH, and fluid circulation speed control, among other things.

The cleaning techniques can cause irreparable harm to systems if the chemical products or procedures used are inadequate. That’s why OHP Oleohidráulica S.A. offers a team of specialized professionals with extensive experience in the oil, energy, steel, navy, and mining industries to guarantee proper development and the application of the correct methods.

The different types of Chemical Cleaning that we perform in the industries are:

Alkaline Washing
We perform this process by mixing mild basis and producing dispersion. With this washing process, we eliminate organic waste and biofilms from the equipment walls.

This process is used to eliminate greases and oily compounds from equipment. We perform this process with a mixture of BIODEGRADABLE degreasers and recirculating them.

This process is perfect to eliminate salt scaling on equipment walls. This scaling can range from calcium salts to silica. We apply a recirculation of a mixture of acids, corrosion inhibitors, and generation of acids.

We eliminate oxidation in equipment by recirculating a mixture of weak acids and corrosion inhibitors, thus protecting the equipment.

We work with ISO 4406 / ASTM 6439-05 standards.

We apply technology and procedures for the reduction of the intervened system production intervals and get the best technical and financial results.

At Oleohidráulica OHP S. A. we have:

- Flow measurement instrumentation up to 180 m3/h and power meters up to 180 Hp.

- Dehydrating equipment with temperature and vacuum incorporated.

- Oil and fluid transfer equipment.

- High technology filtration and capture power of up to 3 µm absolute.

- Portable lab for analysis of contaminants.

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