Hydraulic Units
Repair, Reconstruction, and Testing

We have a fast and efficient Technical Department with certified training to repair all types of hydraulic components.

- High complexity test bench with

  • Detroit 4-71 of 260HP combustion engine, Linde hydrostatic transmission, Sauer Series 23 pump with fixed displacement, and proportional pressure regulators.
  • To test all types of hydraulic pumps, we have a Data Logger sending drawings with q-variation, pressure, temperature, and hp delivered, two gear pumps to simulate all kinds of external control signals.
  • To test engines, we have a torque gauge built into the drive axle indicating the torque delivered on testing, and a radial piston engine placed with an A- and B-shaped needle valve to simulate the workload and take critical measurements during drainage.
  • To test valves, cylinders, and orbitrols, we incorporated a state-of-the-art board with external signals, an electronic board to simulate pulses or voltages according to every need, and an incorporated cylinder with pressure regulators to load orbitrols and orbital engines.


- Repairs:

  • Cylinders: center, single-acting, double-acting, telescopic, etc.
  • Pumps: gear pumps, blades, axial pistons, radial pistons, fixed displacement, variable displacement, open circuit, closed circuit, and any other control signal.
  • Engines: gerotors, gerorollers, gears, blades, radial pistons, fixed and variable displacement axial engines, etc.
  • Valves: logic, directional, pilot, in-line, flow control, pressure, check, etc.
  • Services: rails, winches, crabs, cranes, steering gears, propellers, transmissions, hoists, road, agricultural, steel industry, jet, oil equipment, hoses, fittings, and hydraulic power stations, among others.
  • A technical specialist from Oleohidráulica OHP S.A. will offer you the best technical and financial solution upon your request.


- Hydraulic cylinders repair:

Disassembly of parts, component inspection, clearances, chrome hardness, repair or replacement of damaged pieces, and cylinder reconstruction, if necessary, painting, bench testing, and warranty.


- Engine and hydraulic pumps repair:

After inspecting your hydraulic engine or pump, we will make recommendations to improve performance, prepare a quote that suits your needs, repair or replace damaged, broken, or missing parts, assemble everything according to the manufacturers’ standards, and enforce the torque and clearance parameters. We will also test and calibrate everything in our testing bench simulating your system.


- Hydraulic valves repair:

Disassembling and cleaning hydraulic valves allows us to inspect malfunctions and defective parts. After a thorough inspection, we will prepare a quote and recommendations to repair, rebuild or replace your hydraulic valve.


- Hydraulic hose assemblies:

Failures on hoses can result from aged machinery, friction, pressure peaks, and improper installation.

Our hydraulic experts can quickly determine the failure, correct the problem and replace the hose assembly.

We have a large selection of hoses, fittings, and adapters at hand, and we can manufacture customized spare houses on request.

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