Industrial Lubrication and Maintenance

At OHP Oleohidráulica S.A., we have a vast experience in the design, development, and implementation of Industrial Lubrication and Maintenance Solutions, working together with the companies to achieve our common goals of strategic objectives to increase plant availability, improve reliability and productivity, minimize unscheduled stops, rationalize lubricants, spare parts, and fittings consumption, and apply the corresponding health and safety standards.

We have a long record of servicing different sectors of the steel, navy, oil, mining, car, and energy industries, supporting us and allowing us to design, develop and enforce interventions on small and medium-sized enterprises, and large companies adapting our infrastructure and logistics to the required scale.

To do this, we created a series of services to efficiently handle lubrication industrial systems, where technology, analysis, preventive and corrective measures, and training play a key role in designing comprehensive solutions.

Description of
Our Services

- Engineering Technical Department for Lubrication and Maintenance

Our Technicians and Engineers perform the analysis, design, and development of comprehensive and tailored lubrication and maintenance solution projects. They define and plan the implementation of opportunities for continuous improvement in different operational areas and production lines, creating an educational approach strategy and developing the learning content for technical training.

- Training and coaching for technical staff.

To secure the success of the lubrication programs, it is key to train and coach the technical staff involved on new techniques and best practices. Our Engineering Department researches and develops content and workshops tailored to each plant profile.

- Inspection, Auditing, and Supervision Services for lubrication systems.

Monitoring and detection of incidents in all types of lubrication systems -manual, central, or automated- as the basis for information to design and develop new lubrication or adjustment projects of the continuous improvement programs on existing projects.

- Marking of lubrication and maintenance points in programs.

Based on our experience, we develop this service to reach success with all programs and simplify the identification of lubrication points and communicating them clearly on the sheets that the technical staff must follow and detailing everything related to the equipment to be intervened, actions, products and quantities to be used, frequencies on the lubrication plan and all type of information required for the success of the program.

- Stocking and monitoring of lubricants, fittings, and spare parts.

The organization of storage, the proper condition of industrial lubricants, and the immediate availability of fittings and spare parts make up a complex layout scheme to make sure it offers immediate response for the requested resources, with the quality and cleanliness level required by the ISO for equipment and machinery.
We offer advice and training for technical staff on planning and using good practices for the proper handling, storage, and monitoring of lubricants and fittings.

- Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Service.

Reducing the operative costs and maximizing the operational time of all machinery is key for your business. Preventive measures and monitoring of lubricants in use are fundamental elements to identify contamination to prevent premature wear of equipment before it turns into a very expensive unscheduled downtime.

Our service allows you to improve the general performance of lubricants in your machinery and equipment, routinely analyzing them and identifying the needs related to the lubricants and equipment to take accurate informed decisions on maintenance services required to optimize the useful life of machinery and equipment. This knowledge helps make general planning of your business and schedule maintenance downtime and reducing machine downtime and even eliminating all risks for greater malfunctions.

- Analysis, Filtration, and Dehydration Service for New and Oil Being Used.

When the contamination levels established by the ISO standards for oils, due to water or particles, exceed the limits required for equipment manufacturers, it is highly important to swiftly solve the problem. At OHP, we use the latest technology to eliminate contaminants using micron external filters of multiple phases and oil purification systems by high efficiency and performance thermal vacuum dehydration leaving clean oils which are in excellent conditions to be reused and drastically reducing oil consumption and the negative environmental effect.

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